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Intensivwoche: Englisch für Wiedereinsteiger (A1.2)

Have you once learned English and want to reactivate it? Can you give others information about yourself in more than one word (name, place where you live, family details, hobbies) and ask others for this information? Can you tell simple things in the Simple Past? Do you want to revise some grammar and talk with others about general topics? Then it would be nice to have you in this course so that we can learn together in a relaxed way.
As every unit is closed in itself, new participants will have no difficulties joining in and are very welcome! It would be nice to meet you!
Please bring the book along as well as some pens/pencils and paper!

Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch: English Elements A1 (Hueber)
ISBN 978-3-19-202494-8

Sonstiges Merkmal: A1 (Sprachniveau, Eingangsstufe) i

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ZeitenDauerArtPreisOrt, Bemerkungen
12.12.16 - 16.12.16
18:00 - 21:15 Uhr
5 Tage
(20 Std.)
Mo., Di., Mi., Do. und Fr.
max. 15 Teiln.
87 € Gartenstr. 32
24534 Neumünster

Termine: 5, Ort: vhs

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